Our team brings lived experience, clinical expertise, higher education administration, fiscal management, corporate engagement, and relentless passion to this work. We believe in the potential of the population we serve. We don’t take what we do lightly. We are honored to do this work.

Shante - team
Shanté Elliott
MSL, M.Ed., Founder
Shanté is a passionate leader advocate for vulnerable populations and communities. As a former higher education administration...
sydney - team
Sydney Curtis
M.Ed., Curriculum Designer
Sydney is an experienced leader and researcher with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry.
chauntay - tt
Chauntay Berford
LCSW, Trauma-Informed Specialist
Chauntay is a skilled practitioner-- forging a unique path of helping survivors of trauma identify their natural strengths to achieve...
Marvell - tt
Marvell Joiner
Content Intern
Marvell is an aspiring high school teacher and rising sophomore at Harris Stowe University. Prior to starting college, he...

Become a TasselTurn Coach 

Do you want to help youth transition from foster care successfully? If so, apply to become a TasselTurn coach! Coaches are an integral part of what we do. We train coaches in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy practices and Motivational Interviewing and work to facilitate a 1:1 youth/coach ratio. At TasselTurn, we implement an aggressive coaching model. While we believe in mentoring, as an organization we do not mentor and we make no apologies for this. Our work is guided by the believe that a mentor feeds you the answers; a coach feeds you the process for finding the answers.