We can’t do this work alone! Meet some of our early supporters. Through grant making, seed funding, and strategic guidance, our supporters contribute to our growth in very meaningful ways.

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There are many ways to partner with us in this work. Direct agency partnerships helps us deliver our program. Quarterback partnerships help sustain our work. And our Trauma-Sensitivity Training help us provide other leaders in this space with the proper tools to work with communities and populations experiencing toxic stress more effectively. 

Direct Agency Partnership

To serve youth with our model for successful transitions from foster care, we partner with local child welfare organizations and schools to implement our program in their local community. TasselTurn helps our partners improve outcomes for youth exiting the foster care system by ensuring youth are employed or enrolled upon exiting foster care. 

Quarterback Partnership

Quarterback partners are critical in ensuring that TasselTurn attracts the resources needed to ensure sustainability. Like our Supporters, Quarterback partners advance our work through grant making, program related investments, and strategy. 

Trauma-Sensitivity Training

Educators and social services professionals working and serving diverse, underserved and racially segregated communities and institutions need a way to understand the reasons for problem behaviors, and effectively engage and respond to stress related symptoms. TasselTurn’s Trauma-Sensitivity Training meets this need by providing an interactive experience that enhances Recognition of signs and cues of toxic stress through relevant information on the human stress response system in support of resisting unhealthy social norms that perpetuate toxic stress.